How 'Mchele' Gang Terrorized Naivasha Safari Rally Goers

  • Kenyans at the WRC Safari Rally on Thursday, June 23, 2022
    Kenyans at the WRC Safari Rally on Thursday, June 23, 2022
    Courtesy Danito Kinyanjui
  • Police have exposed the criminals who were terrorizing the public over the weekend at the World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally in Naivasha.

    According to a report by the Nation, police are hunting down a woman who stole Ksh150,000 from a man she met the same day at the rally.

    The man told police that he met the woman at the event before they exchanged contacts with the promise of meeting later that night. In the evening the duo went around the town merrymaking and later retired to a hotel.

    A police car
    A police car

    However, the man did not wake up until 12 hours later. He realized he had been drugged and robbed by his companion.

    The man went to the Naivasha police station to report the matter after being left unconscious in the room.

    “They went to a local joint within South Lake Road, took a few rounds of beer, before moving to Naivasha town to continue with their merry-making,” a detective told the publication.

    “The woman is still at large but we are pursuing her. Apart from the phone contact, the victim knows little about her.”

    That was just one incident that was reported. Officers confirmed that they also busted another woman running out of a hotel in Naivasha town.

    According to the police, the woman acted suspiciously and when they questioned her they realized she was carrying Ksh100,000.

    Officers sought to know the source of the money when she claimed that one of the men she had spent the evening with had given her the cash as payment.

    Police took her back to the hotel room where they found her victim struggling to stay awake. The woman was taken into custody and when her victim regained consciousness he told the officers he had Ksh500,000 on the said night.

    “She was stopped and taken back to the room where her client was dead asleep. The victim had Sh500,000 inside the locker but the woman insisted that she just needed Sh100,000 for her “services,” police investigating the matter were quoted by the Nation.

    Detectives also arrested a woman linked to the drink-spiking gang in the town. Police stated that the suspect was picked up after months of tracking her down.

    A woman in handcuffs
    A woman in handcuffs
    The Standard

    Before the event, Naivasha deputy commissioner Mutua Kisulu stated that security had been beefed up in the town and around various hotels where the events were to be held.

    Members of the public were also urged to be on high alert and cautioned on spiking of liquor with police arguing that it is an individual responsibility since they can't monitor who you are drinking with.

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