How to File KPLC Complaint Online and Beat New Scammers

  • A file image of Kenya Power Building in Nairobi CBD
    A file image of Kenya Power Building in Nairobi CBD
  • Kenya Power has exposed a new trend in which fraudsters are targeting Kenyans filing complaints on various KPLC online platforms.

    In a statement dated, Wednesday, July 13, Kenya Power advised Kenyans to share complaints with their personal details in their Direct Message (DM) or through the SMS platform.

    The power utility company explained that it released the advisory after realising its customers' details were being used for fraud and other criminal activities.

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    "Do you have something important to share with us that should be 'For Our Eyes Only' such as your cell phone number? Please use the inbox or direct message.

    "Fraudsters comb social media sites and the internet to obtain private information that they use for their evil activities," read the Kenya Power statement in part.

    Additionally, Kenya Power advised its customers to share details of their complaints in the messages to enable the company resolve the matters faster.

    Over the years, Kenyans have been sharing their contacts and residence information on the KPLC platforms when filing complaints relating to power outages, and tokens failure among other issues.

    Additionally, the power utility firm has previously rolled out Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code to buy tokens, report complaints and seek other inquiries by dialling *997#.

    Nonetheless, the power utility firm added that it can be reached through 97771 or 0703070707 or 0732170170 for any challenges.

    The statement by KPLC come at a time when the police have cautioned the public against sharing personal contacts on social media saying such information is being used by scammer for their illegal activities.

    Early this year, police cautioned Kenyans of a new fraud scheme known as sim swap where fraudsters make phone calls to unsuspecting victims and interfere with the network.

    In the process, police revealed that the fraudsters withdraw money from the mobile money accounts without the knowledge of phone owners.

    File image of Kenya Power electricians at work
    File image of Kenya Power electricians at work
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