Presidential Candidate Writes to 15 Countries to Return Kenya's Stolen Money

A Picture of a hand holding Kenyan notes.
A hand holding money Source: Facebook.

Agano Party presidential candidate, David Mwaure, has written to 15 countries and the United Nations asking them to return billions of Kenya shillings stashed in offshore accounts by politicians.

In his letters to the United States, United Kingdom, China, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, Seychelles, Jordan, Taiwan, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe, Mwaure pleaded with the countries to help Kenya repatriate all the stolen cash, stating that it was one of the reasons the country's economy was ailing.

The letters, copied to the Secretary General of the United Nations, the Agano presidential candidate is pleading for a multinational investigation into the matter.

According to Mwaure, corruption has been the genesis of Kenya’s tribulations and has led to the high unemployment rates, the high cost of living and the ballooning public wage bill and foreign debt.

Agano presidential candidate David Mwaure and running mate Ruth Mutua in a previous press briefing
Agano presidential candidate David Mwaure and running mate Ruth Mutua in a press briefing on June 30, 2022.
Agano Party

“The nation and people of Kenya are currently undergoing a lot of economic suffering ranging from the high cost of living, high cost of essential foodstuffs and debt,” the letter read in part. 

“It is common knowledge that a lot of development funds and wealth illegally obtained in Kenya has been stashed abroad in both official and unofficial tax havens.”

He urged the named countries and the United Nations to return any money that may be hidden there, further stating that the investigations will be extended to other countries.

The debate on money stashed abroad gained traction in 2021 when an investigative piece dubbed “The Pandora Papers” accused the Kenyatta family of stashing billions in tax havens.

Mwaure is seeking to be Kenya’s fifth president alongside his running mate Ruth Mucheru. The duo has been campaigning on platform to eliminate corruption in the country, claiming that the current lot of politicians have failed to deal with the issue.

He has since presented himself as the perfect solution to the challenges facing Kenya, arguing that he has been an outsider who has what it takes to move Kenya to the next level.

“Ruth Mucheru like myself is concerned about the runaway corruption in Kenya, the poverty 59 years after independence, the high cost of living, the bad leadership that comes in every election and the never ending bureaucracy and impunity,” Mwaure stated while unveiling his running mate in June. 

Former presidential candidate David Mwaure
Former presidential candidate David Mwaure.
David Mwaure

He is a debutant in Kenya politics and is banking on his academic credentials and years of experience to offer lasting solutions to the country.

Being an evangelist, Mwaure has also drawn attention in his apparent disapproval of Roots Party presidential candidate, George Wajackoyah, over his call to legalize marijuana farming in the country.

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