CCTV Footage Shows Trick Robbery Mastermind Used to Break Into Kilimani Homes

  • A person fixing CCTV cameras (left) and the suspect captured on CCTV accessing an apartment in Kileleshwa.
    A person fixing CCTV cameras (left) and the suspect captured on CCTV accessing an apartment in Kileleshwa.
  • Police are holding a suspected syndicate leader behind a spate of robberies reported in the uptown neighbourhoods of Kilimani and Kileleshwa.

    In an address to the press on Saturday, July 30, Kilimani Sub-County Commander Andrew Mbogo confirmed that the suspect, identified as Michael Mwangi, was arrested at his home in Komarock area of Kayole.

    The mastermind and his accomplices had been captured on CCTV conducting a series of robberies in Nairobi while posing as delivery boys.

    In one instance, Mwangi and one of his accomplice drove into an apartment with their personal car claiming to be employees of an online delivery brand.

    An undated photo of a police car in Kenya
    An undated photo of a police car in Kenya.

    The CCTV showed that during their entry, the accomplice was empty handed while the mastermind carried a backpack that appeared empty.

    After a few minutes, they both left the apartment loaded with valuables among them laptops, mobile phones and perfumes.

    Mbogo noted that after analysing the CCTV cameras, the police officers narrowed in on the suspect whose house was located at Komarock.

    "The vehicle he was using has been captured by the CCTV cameras within the apartments and we used intelligence to arrest him at Komarock within Kayole area.

    "They managed to identify the house where he lives and upon search, that is when they recovered the items," Mbogo stated.

    He further noted that investigation into the incident was launched alongside a manhunt to arrest his accomplices.

    Four victims of the robberies have since visited the police station and identified their lost items.

    The incident compounds increasing cases of robbery and burglaries with barely eight days to the General Election slated for August 9.

    Police, more so in Nakuru, have launched an operation to contain the rising cases of burglaries that quickly become fatal. As of mid-July, five women had lost their lives to gangs operating in Nakuru with the most prominent identified as 'confirm'.

    A police car
    A police car
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