Nairobi Police Officer Arrested by Colleagues While Reporting Crime

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  • A police officer from Nairobi County tasted the wrath of the law after he was arrested by his colleagues after showing up at the station to report a crime.

    The unidentified officer appeared at the station on Tuesday, August 2, to report that he had lost a gun registered in his name while at the Industrial Area on the night of Monday, August 1.

    A report by Nation indicated that the officer's gun fell off while he was riding on a motorbike and that he could not successfully trace it.

    He lost the pistol alongside 14 rounds of ammunition.

    A file image of guns and bullets
    A file image of guns and bullets

    The officers who were on duty then arrested the officer and opened investigations into the incident with the goal of recovering the firearm.

    They also intend to take an action against their colleague once investigations are concluded.

    According to the Firearms Act of 2009, police officers are expected to report the loss of a firearm immediately it happens failure to which they might face the law.

    "Any person having possession of a firearm or ammunition, whether or not he holds a firearm certificate therefor or is entitled to have possession thereof without holding a firearm certificate, shall, if the firearm or ammunition is lost, stolen or destroyed, report the loss, theft or destruction as soon as possible after its occurrence to the police officer in charge of the nearest police station, and if he fails to do so, shall be guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or to a fine not exceeding ten thousand shillings or to both," reads the act.

    The incident came barely three weeks after another police officer lost 9 rounds of ammunition after he was embroiled in a bar brawl over a Ksh1,200 bill.

    The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, involved Inspector Fredrick Mzungu of Jogoo Police Station and Inspector Kelvin Mwangi from Kileleshwa Police Station. They were accompanied by four other civilians.

    A fight then broke out between the two officers and the security personnel of the establishment they visited leading to the loss.

    “During the scuffle, the said officer sustained head injuries. The pistol has been recovered and kept at the Kasarani police station armoury for safe custody. The search for the lost magazine is in progress,” stated a police report at the time.

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