Diana Chepkemoi Lands Job, Full Scholarship Hrs After Arriving From Saudi Arabia

Diana Chepkemoi arrives at JKIA on September 6, 2022.
Diana Chepkemoi arrives at JKIA on September 6, 2022.

Meru University has offered a job and full scholarship to Diana Chepkemoi, a Kenyan student who was stranded in Saudi Arabia, hours after arriving in the country.  

In a statement by Nairobi politician, Veska Kangogo, on Tuesday, September 6, the university will also cater for Chepkemoi's accommodation. 

The student dropped out of Meru University and secured domestic work in Saudi Arabia to fend for her five siblings and raise funds to offset her mother's medical bills. 

"Special thanks to Meru University who have offered a job, accommodation and a full scholarship to Diana to enable her complete her Bachelor's Degree and live a dignified life," she stated. 

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The politician noted that after highlighting Chepkemoi's situation, a lot of Kenyans going through similar circumstances reached out to her and shared their plight. 

"It is sad to see many youths leave and lose lives like Joan Jeruto from Nandi whose body is still stuck in Saudi Arabia."

"I have received many distress calls from others going through similar situations and stuck in Saudi and I urge the Ministry of Labour to urgently intervene to repatriate them until the necessary bilateral arrangements are put in place to protect the Rights of Kenyan workers in Foreign Countries," she pleaded. 

The politician also lauded Labour Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui, Health Principal Secretary Peter Tum, Hon Biegon of Bomet East, and Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok among others for their efforts in bringing Chepkemoi home. 

During her arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), the 24-year-old Kenyan detailed the physical and mental torture that most Kenyans go through while working in the gulf countries.

"I left Kenya to go to Saudi Arabia with the hopes of getting a better life and to be honest, mine was just the tip of the iceberg, people are suffering there. My friends are suffering.

"I plead with the government to rescue our people. They are psychologically and mentally tortured. It's a shame being told that there is nothing the government can do." she stated. 

She called on the government to intervene on behalf of hundreds of Kenyans who were still stranded in the gulf state. 

"I'm fortunate that I received support from people but there are those who are not mentally okay as they don't know their names or their surroundings," Chepkemoi noted. 

An emaciated Diana Chepkemoi, a Kenyan student seeking to come back to Kenya from Saudi Arabia.
An emaciated Diana Chepkemoi, a Kenyan student seeking to come back to Kenya from Saudi Arabia.