8 Most Commonly Hacked Type of Passwords

A sillhoute of a hacker using a computer.jpg
A silhouette of a hacker using a computer on March 13, 2018.

Hacking has become a menace worldwide, with many people losing millions in online fraud.

Crime data by Statista shows that by June 2022, there were 444 million hacking attempts on financial institutions, mostly targeting mobile banking.

With most Kenyans accessing banking services through their smartphones, they are prone to hacking, phishing and identity theft.

One of best ways to protect yourself from online hackers is avoiding commonly used passwords like;

A hacker wearing a hoodie operates a computer
A hacker wearing a hoodie operates a computer.

Common English words

Avoid using common English words when creating passwords. Words like password, university, and company can easily be cracked by hackers.

Commonly used words

Apart from English words, avoid any commonly used words in any dialect. Do not use a commonly used vernacular phrase as your password.

Your name and DOB

Most people use their names or their loved ones as passwords. This is greatly dissuaded. If you have to use a person's name, make sure you combine it with numbers, symbols and a combination of cases.

Consecutive letters on the keyboard

If prompted to create a password, do not swipe on your keyboard. Even if the words are unintelligible, there being consecutive on the keyboard makes you vulnerable to hackers.

Words like QWERTY, or ABCD, or 1234 are not advised in forming passwords. 

Default device credentials

Most devices and software come with a default password. The common ones are 12345, 00000 and admin. Make sure you change the default password to deter hackers.

Personal information

Never use personal information like date of birth and ID number as your password, as it can commonly be guessed.

Months of the year

Finally, do not use your calendar as an inspiration in creating a password. Avoid months of the month when creating a password, as that can easily be hacked.

An image of an individual with a hidden face working on a computer taken on March 13, 2020
An image of an individual with a hidden face working on a computer taken on March 13, 2020.
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