It's Not a Killer Squad - DCI Amin Defends Hiring Snipers

  • Police Sniper
    A collage image of Police Sniper in action.
    Police Sniper
  • The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Wednesday, November 23, revealed that they are recruiting 50 snipers who will support the operations of other units.

    While confirming the ongoing exercise, DCI boss Amin Mohammed who spoke to also sought to allay fears that the government was setting up a death squad.

    "It is basically an operation support unit," new DCI boss Amin clarified that there is no cause for alarm among citizens.

    The snipers will strategically be deployed around the country to help curb crime in the country.

    Officers outside the DCI Forensic Laboratory.
    Officers outside the DCI Forensic Laboratory.

    In particular, the marksmen will be deployed alongside other units that will be responding to serious criminal activities such as Anti Stock Theft Unit and Anti Terror Unit.

    The 50 snipers are being recruited from the General Service Unit (GSU) and the Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU).

    In a letter addressed to the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Amin requested for a shortlist of candidates who will then be selected through a rigorous process.

    Shortlisted candidates will present themselves to their respective units’ headquarters for further processing.

    "The units are not meant to destroy but to protect, that is what the police does," Amin reassured.

    The shortlisted officers should not be older than 40 years of age, and must not have any disciplinary issues.

    The candidates are also required to have served at their units for a minimum of five years before joining the special unit.

    The snipers will technically be responsible for making situational assessment and providing necessary information for other officers. 

    "Apart from giving support to other units during operations, the marksmen will also be used to collect necessary intelligence as part of their responsibility," Okeyo said.

    The formation of the two specialised units comes just weeks after disbandment of the Special Service Unit (SSU) and days after the dissolution of Anti-Counterfeit Unit (ACU).

    There are security concerns that the new unit could soon morph into a killer squad that will be used to terrorise Kenyans. 

    "All special units can be used for good or for bad intentions. It all depends on the administration," Security Analyst Okeyo Jaso explained.

    DCI's Special Service Unit was disbanded in October 2022 after it emerged that they took part in the abduction and disappearance of two Indian citizens Mohamed Zaid Kidwai and Zulfiqar Ahmen Khan who were working for President William Ruto's campaign team.

    The two Indians who went missing on July 25, have not been found to date.

    On Tuesday, November 22, DCI Amin announced the disbandment of the Anti-counterfeit Unit that was formed in 2018.

    Officers from the Anti-counterfeit Unit have since been transferred to various units across the country.

    DCI Boss Mohamed Amin
    DCI Boss Mohamed Amin
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