African Scientists Support Ruto, Ask Kenyans to Embrace GMOs

  • A man shows off GMO maize corn
    A man shows off GMO maize corn
  • President William Ruto received the support of African scientists over the importation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) foods.

    Network of African Science Academies (Nasac) stated that embracing GMOs is the only way the continent can attain food security.

    The over 90 scientists drawn from across the continent assured Kenyans that they have nothing to worry about the impeding importation of GMO foods.

    Image of GMO maize corn
    Image of GMO maize corn

    “As Nasac, we wish to state that approved GMO products are safe.

    “We and other world scientists have analysed thousands of scientific studies and concluded that GM food crops do not pose any risk to people, animals or the environment,” the association of scientists stated.

    There has been debate on whether the GMO foods offer the same nutritional value as organically grown crops.

    “GMO crops on the market today have the same nutrition and composition as non-GMO crops,” the scientists assured Kenyans.

    The support by scientists is a huge relief for Ruto amid growing criticism over government's plan to start importing GMO maize starting on February 2023.

    Kenyan Non-governmental Organisations (NGO’s) on October 6, 2022, protested Ruto’s move to lift GMO ban.

    "The hasty decision to lift the ban on GMO imports into the country was taken without public debate and we want the ban restored."

    “Food security is not only about the quantity but also the quality of food,” the NGOs led by Greenpeace Africa announced in a statement.

    East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) lawmaker Winnie Odinga also warned Kenyans about health concerns associated with use of GMOs.

    “I have heard people say how GMO is good for them. I have lived in America, have you seen the size of Americans?’ Winnie remarked on November 21.

    Men unloading sacks of onion from a lorry
    Men unloading sacks of onion from a lorry