5 Ways to Enjoy Your December on a Low Budget

  • a file photo of Nairobi residents enjoying a boat ride at Uhuru Park
    a file photo of Nairobi residents enjoying a boat ride at Uhuru Park
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  • The December holiday is one of the moments that would always be constant in a calendar year. 

    After a year marred with a gruelling electioneering period and a slowing down economy, Kenyans can relax their minds in preparation for a new year

    Most of us are exploring ways to minimise expenses during the festive season while still having fun. 

    With schools reopening on January 23, parents who overspend during December may grapple with paying school fees and other necessities. 

    Karura bike trail
    Karura forest bike trail
    Friends of Karura

    However, this should not worry you because there are several ways to enjoy your December holiday on a budget without necessarily feeling like you're missing out.

    Here are some of the ways:

    Strict Budget 

    You must ensure all your necessities are paid for before spending money to enjoy the festivities.

    Drawing up a list of necessities such as rent, power bills, school fees, groceries, and luxuries such as clothing, alcohol, gifts, and holiday money will help you prioritise your spending.

    Visit low-budget attraction sites 

    If you are in Nairobi, there are uncountable places you can visit where you will get to spend less than Ksh1000 with your entire family. 

    These places include the Nairobi National Museum, Nairobi Safari Walk, Uhuru Park, and Karura forest. 

    To make your trip to some of these places even more cost-effective, you can prepare your food at home and carry it to eat with your family. 

    DIY Chrismas Decorations 

    Christmas is always incomplete without decorations around the house and the compound.

    Family and friends toasting drinks at home
    Family and friends toasting drinks at home

    However, you don't have to spend a lot on decorations. Deck the halls with all the beautiful greenery, lights, tinsel, and paper snowflakes you can master. 

    Spend a cosy afternoon as a family listening to holiday music, sipping hot cocoa, and crafting your own decor. You will love making homemade ornaments or pinecone place cards. 

    Choose quality time over expensive gifts 

    Considering how technology and everyday hustles and bustles have taken over our lives, your presence is the best present you can ever give someone this festive season. 

    Spending quality time is much more appreciated for some than receiving a physical gift. 

    In that way, you can save money that would have been spent on buying a gift instead of intentionally spending time with your loved ones. 

    Repurpose old gifts 

    December always comes around 12 months, so there is no need to buy new gifts every Christmas. 

    Repurposing old gifts is an amazing way to re-gift things in your home that you’ve never used before and don’t even see yourself using them shortly. 

    Repurposing gifts is the perfect way of getting rid of the unnecessary items in your house while gifting someone with something that has never been used.

    An aerial view of Diani beach at the Coastal region
    An aerial view of Diani beach at the Coastal region