Last Moments of Recce Squad Cop Killed Hrs After Child's Graduation

Police Car
Police officer disembarking from a vehicle.

Hezron Onwonga, the brother of the slain Recce squad officer killed by unknown thugs on Saturday night, December 3, has revealed intricate details of the final hours before his kin's demise. 

Speaking to the press, Onwonga intimated that his brother, Harrison Onywoki Onwonga had arrived in Nakuru from Mombasa for his child's graduation. 

According to Onwonga, they made plans to meet after he was done with work in Nakuru County. 

Police officers at a kidnapping scene
DCI officers combing through a crime scene

Upon arrival, Onwonga received a call from his other brother,  Morara Onwonga, who informed him that he would be done with work at around 10 pm. 

Onwonga pointed out that he alongside Harrison went to a local joint to watch a World Cup match pitting Argentina and Australia in a bid to kill time before Morara arrived. 

"After he (Morara) arrived, we stayed for 30 minutes after the game had ended and decided to walk to my house since the it wasn't far," he stated. 

At the time, Onwonga noted that a group of suspected criminals, armed with crude weapons accosted them in a dark corridor.

While staging a fight, the three brothers were left with multiple bodily injuries. Fortunately, they were rushed to Nakuru Provincial General Hospital (PGH) by police officers on patrol.

Harrison however, succumbed to injuries while receiving treatment at the hospital.

Onwonga noted that the family was awaiting the post-mortem to know the way forward. He urged the police to expedite the investigations and bring the suspects to book.

"We pitched camp at the police station ever since the incident occurred till now. We are awaiting the post-mortem to know the next direction," the brother noted.  

An image of a team of police officers arriving at a crime scene on December 8, 2021.
An image of a team of police officers arriving at a crime scene in Nairobi on December 8, 2021.
Photo: DCI
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