Hefty Fine for Warden Who Pocketed Ksh 50K to Help Prisoners Escape

  • An undated image of Prison inmates in Kenya
    An undated image of Prison inmates in Kenya
  • A Prison warden caught breaking convicts out of their prison cells from Maralal GK Prison was fined a sum of Ksh970,000 failure to which he would serve a three-year jail term.

    In a case before Senior Principal Magistrate John Tamar on Tuesday, January 24, the warden was accused of planning another prison break by forging judicial documents after receiving a bribe of Ksh9,830.

    The warden had, however, had several successful attempts before his arrest, planning the escape of the prisoners after receiving bribes of up to Ksh50,000.

    Hands resting on jail bars at a police station.
    Hands resting on jail bars at a police station.

    “The evidence before this court was sufficient. The court found him guilty of several counts, among them aiding convicts to escape prison cells and forgery of judicial documents," Senior Principal Magistrate Tanui ruled.

    In his last attempt, the warden had forged a court fine receipt to break out a convict serving a three-month sentence, but several other inmates used the receipt to escape the prison as well. 

    “The court found him guilty of soliciting a bribe of Ksh9,830 from a convict serving a three-month term.

    “He was also found guilty of helping other prisoners escape from the prison facility on other dates after receiving bribes ranging from Ksh10,000 and Ksh50,000,” the Magistrate highlighted in his ruling. 

    The warden who had earlier denied all the charges, pleaded with the court to hand him the fairest sentence, stating that he was a father of four and the family's breadwinner.

    He added that he needed to take care of his daughter who was suffering from a chronic disease and needed medication on a regular basis.

    “I am a father of four and my daughter is suffering from a chronic disease. It will be traumatising for my family if I am convicted and if I lost my job,” the warden pleaded.

    This is the second case in less than a month that correctional officers have been accused of colluding with criminals placed under their custody. 

    On Monday, December 26, 2022, police officers in Kisumu colluded with an armed motorcycle rider to plan a prison break.

    The rider had forced his way into a Kisumu detention center, where three suspects, including two Tanzanian nationals, had been detained after being arrested.

    The fourth suspect, who devised the prison break scheme, intended to use a metal bar to attack the cops stationed there, rescue the three, and flee on his motorcycle.

    Police holding a gun
    A photo of a police officer holding a gun.
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