Meaning & Origin of Toyota Car Names

  • Photo collage between Toyota Corolla and Highlander
    Photo collage between Toyota Corolla and Highlander.
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  • Several Toyota cars have distinct meanings that characterise their features and adaptability.

    Each name assigned to a model bares a specific meaning and even place of origin. Some of the cars were named after cities and others after different cultures. looks at some Toyota models and their meanings.


    File photo of Toyota Corolla on a parking space.
    File photo of Toyota Corolla in a parking space.
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    The word corolla is borrowed from Latin and means little crown. In English, corolla refers to the outer petals of a flower.

    The name was adopted to evoke the image of beauty for a small family car.


    Sienna is named after the Italian city of Siena. The car was given the name to recognise the beauty of the Italian city.


    Camry originates from the Japanese word Kanmuri, meaning crown. Camry is an apt name for the car which was considered to be among the best-selling models in America for 12 straight years.


    Avensis was derived from the French verb advanced, referring to the advanced features and performance of the car.

    The model was developed as an upgrade of Carina E with more advanced features and performance.


    Highlander models were named after people who live in the Scottish Highlands. 

    The region was known for its ruggedness. The occupants of the region are also associated with power and energy.


    The Tacoma model was named after Mount Tacoma, also known as Mount Rainier, in the United States. The truck is associated with power and strength to symbolise the mountain.


    File photo of Toyota Prius model in a parking
    File photo of Toyota Prius model in a parking.
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    Prius is the Latin word for ‘prior’ or ‘previous’. Its name can be interpreted as a reference to the fact that at the Prius’ Japan launch in 1997, there had never been a mass-produced hybrid car before it.


    Allion is derived from the English word 'All in One.' The manufacturers made the model by integrating many features to make it versatile.


    Alphard is derived from the Greek word α = alpha.

    The model was designed to have the highest rank in a dominance hierarchy.


    Auris is a blend of the English word aura and the Latin word 'aurum'.

    The car was designed to have a unique aura and a strong presence in the automotive market.


    It was named after the Arctic Tundra because of its power, ruggedness, and toughness.


    Belta is derived from the Italian word "beltà", which means "beauty".


    The Harrier is named after the eastern marsh harrier, a bird of prey common to Hokkaidō and northern Honshū called the chūhi in Japanese.

    By 1994, Toyota executives recognised the need for a luxury SUV in the Japanese market. The concept was to combine a luxury saloon, an estate model, and an SUV. 

    The result was the Sports Luxury Vehicle that premiered at the Chicago Auto Show on February 9, 1997.

    The car went through different upgrades to fit the market demands and preferences.


    Allex is a combination of the French word 'allez' which means go, and 'X', which means that you can go anywhere you like.