Police Explain How Thika Businessman Was Trailed & Shot Dead at His Home

DCI detectives probe a crime scene in Kenya._1.jpeg
Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives probe a crime scene on Tuesday, April 3, 2021.
DCI Kenya

Thika West Police Commander Daniel Kinyua on Saturday, February 4, explained how a businessman James Mwangi was accosted by gunmen and shot dead inside his compound.

According to law enforcement officers, two hooded men accosted the trader as he alighted from his car after arriving at his home in Kimathi Estate on Thursday, January 1.

Kinyua added that the victim was shot in the chest and right leg. The assailants trailed him on the fateful day using a motorbike.

Preliminary reports indicated that nothing was stolen from the Mwangi.

A police tape at a crime scene.
A police tape at a crime scene.

"The assailants appear to have trailed him and placed hit men in his compound. After the attack, a motorcycle ferried the killers from the scene.

"We have started interrogating his family, friends, workmates and business partners," Kinyua explained.

The officers added that Mwangi's wife was inside the house when the attack took place.

In a bid to find the businessman's attackers' identity, police are investigating CCTV cameras mounted around the area and on the highway leading to the home. They have also summoned his friends, family and workmates for interrogation.

"This is an attack whose express goal was to kill the victim. We are now exploring the possible motive. We are trying to piece together his last moments and his latest deals...anything that can give us a lead to unravel his death," Kinyua stated.

After the attack, a police preliminary report indicated that Mwangi was driving alone. It was not immediately established if they made away with anything following the attack.

However, it was later established that the trader was shot at close range by the gun-toting assailants who immediately fled from the scene of the crime without stealing his belongings.

"We have established that he was alone in the car at the time of the attack and we are not sure whether anything was stolen from him. His wife was in the house and we have since launched investigations into the matter," Kinyua stated on Thursday, February 1.

Commenting on the case, Kiambu Business Community appealed to law enforcement officers to expedite the probe into his murder. 

The businessman specialised in selling vehicles and had set up other small ventures in Thika.

A CCTV surveillance camera fitted on one of the walls.
A CCTV surveillance camera fitted on one of the walls.
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