UDA MCAs Storm Out of Ole Lenku Assembly Address

A file photo of an empty county assembly
A file photo of an empty county assembly
County Assembly

United Democratic Alliance(UDA) Members of the Kajiado County Assembly(MCAs) walked out during an assembly address by Governor Joseph Ole Lenku.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, February 14, the MCAs revealed that the governor had neglected them and was not willing to work with them. 

They noted that the people who had elected them had been complaining of unproductivity, throwing the blame to the governor.

We are not doing this deliberately, it is not our joy to scream all over while our people are dying of hunger but we are doing this for the sake of the people who elected us,” they announced.

Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku at  Senate Committee on County Public Investments and Special Funds (CPISFC) on February 15, 2023
Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku at Senate Committee on County Public Investments and Special Funds (CPISFC) on February 15, 2023
Ole Lenku

The wards' bosses explained that they were tired because people in their wards had been complaining due to the lack of bursaries which were issued unfairly by the governor.

“We want to stand with rights, truth and development because denying an elected leader his right does not only affects him but also the people who elected him,” they stated.

Responding after the county assembly address, Ole Lenku stated that the MCAs were greedy as they were only thinking about their welfare.

He challenged them to join the rest of the leaders in the country who had agreed to work with President William Ruto despite being from the opposition.

“I will not be diverted by whatever I hold dear because I don't hold anything else dear than you people of Kajiado.  

It is interesting that while the president, governors and all leaders have come together for the sake of the nation it's only UDA MCAs in Kajiado who disobeyed, trashed and abandoned the assembly course,” he uttered.

The MCAs were reported to have also failed to attend a meeting organized by the governor.

On October 19, Meru MCAs walked out on Governor Kawira Mwangaza during her inaugural address.

The MCAs snubbed her speech on claims that she had been frustrating their efforts to access her, redirecting them to the Deputy Governor.

On Friday, January 13, chaos erupted at the County Assembly of Kericho during a special sitting. The MCAs were having a special sitting to deliberate on house leadership which had changed for the third time in four months.

Several legislators also had walked out of a meeting in Narok on February 21, 2020 ahead of the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) rally. The meeting ended abruptly after some leaders stormed out of the meeting over what they termed as ethnic profiling.

Migori MCAs rough up each other at the County Assembly on Wednesday morning, September 23, 2020
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