4 Kenyans Who Went Viral for Returning Lost Money

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Kenya introduced new currency notes in 2019.
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There are a number of Kenyans who warmed people's hearts with their kind gestures. Kenyans.co.ke compiled a list of four Kenyans who went viral after returning lost money.

Security Officer Who Returned Over Ksh2 Million

In November 2022, a security officer attached to Wilson Airport returned a tourist's bag with over Ksh2 million inside.

In a letter addressed to Customer Care, Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), Benson Nickolson from the United Kingdom, who was vacationing in Kenya and Tanzania, narrated how if he had lost the money, it had the potential of ruining his life.

He stated that without any CCTV cameras, he could not comprehend how his bag with valuables was found and the owner called to collect it.

Planes parked at the Wilson Airport in Nairobi in 2018.

Before the security guard recovered the money and called the UK national, the rest of the tourists who had toured the country had canceled their trips and even submitted negative reviews.

Metro Trans Tout Who Returned Ksh200,000

On November 30, 2021, Jobson Motari Sibota, a tout working with Metro Trans Sacco Limited, set a good example by returning Ksh200,000 to a passenger who had left the cash in an envelope.

Doreen Nyamuzi, a passenger, had boarded the matatu from town to Kabiria and unknowingly left an envelope in the vehicle. The funds were to pay her mother's hospital bill. 

After alighting at Kabiria, she discovered that she did not have the envelope that had the cash. Frantically pacing, Doreen resorted to waiting for the matatu, desperately hoping that she would spot the vehicle.

Fortunately for her, the conductor went for another trip to Kabiria and spotted Doreen on the stage. After inquiring about the envelope, Doreen was ecstatic to see the tout hand her the envelope with the whole amount.

Tout Who Returned Ksh30,000

Daniel Mwaura, a bus conductor returned Ksh30,000 to a commuter who lost his wallet. Mwaura's story warmed the hearts of many Kenyans including former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

On January 25, 2019, Uhuru acknowledged the honest matatu tout as one of the Kenyans of virtue.

The tout, who was by then an Information Technology student courtesy of well-wishers who rewarded him for his honesty, narrated how excited he was excited to have received Presidential acknowledgment.

He had to quit his matatu job to create time for studies as his matatu job required him to work till late in the evening during class hours.

A photo of matatus at a bus terminus
A photo of matatus at a bus terminus in Nairobi, Kenya.
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A Passenger Who Returned Ksh38,000

On September 16, 2020, a passenger who identified himself as Paul Captain, earned praise from Kenyans after he returned Ksh38,000 he found dropped inside a Kenya Mpya bus en route to Thika.

He reached out to Kenyans through his social media pages and challenged them to describe the bundle of cash. 

A number of netizens reached back claiming the cash, however, the true owner was able to match the description of the lost money.

"A lady reached out to me and stated that the money belonged to her sister. The sister was set to rent a house and also buy some basic commodities as she started a new phase of her life. She passed the challenge by describing how the amount was stashed. 

"She also narrated to me how passengers confronted the conductor for charging us Ksh100 rather than Ksh80 from Nairobi to Thika. That's when I realised that it was her money," Paul stated.

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