Businessman Announces Mass Auction of Cars Over Debt as Low as Ksh 68K

Undated photo of hundreds of cars at a yard in Nairobi.
A photo of hundreds of cars in a yard in Nairobi County.
Auctioneers Kenya

Select motorists across the country risk losing their vehicles for failing to pay storage debt ranging between Ksh60,260 and Ksh348,070.

In a statement dated Friday, June 2, the auctioneers, Westminster Storage and Auction Mart, picked to lead the auction sent a notice to all owners of the 20 vehicles, a motorcycle, a diesel generator, and assorted tiles warning them of the looming exercise.

Some of the vehicles on auction include Toyota Corolla (Ksh348,070), Nissan Navara (Ksh171,300), Toyota Succeed (Ksh141,560), Mitsubishi L200 (Ksh136,950), Mazda Demio (Ksh132,310), Toyota Hiace (Ksh204,752), Subaru Legacy (Ksh127,960), Mazda Demio (Ksh125,930), Toyota Probox (Ksh123,610), D.Mira (Ksh97,800), Mazda Demio (Ksh87,810), Mitsubishi Fuso (Ksh104,296), Toyota Succeed (Ksh87,650).

Others were Nissan X-Trail (Ksh77,630), Mitsubishi (Ksh76,470), Nissan March (Ksh74,730), Honda Fit (Ksh71,830), Honda Partner (Ksh71,670), and Daihatsu Mira (Ksh68,350). 

A photo of vehicles at a yard awaiting auction in Mombasa County in 2019.
A photo of vehicles at a yard awaiting auction in Mombasa County in 2019.
Auctioneers Kenya

The vehicles are stored in Nairobi along Kuguru Loop road off Enterprise Road Industrial Area.

All owners were, therefore, issued with 30 days timeline starting from May 26 to repay the debt or lose their cars.

"Take note, within thirty (30) days from the date of the publication of this notice, upon payment of all outstanding storage charges as indicated on each motor vehicle plus the cost of publication of this notice.

"Failure to which the said motor vehicle salvages will be sold either by public auction or private treaty and proceeds of sale shall be defrayed against the storage charges and the balance," read part of the statement.

During an action, buyers are urged to be keen to avoid being conned millions or purchasing a low-quality vehicle.

Some tricks car dealers exploit to make a sale include reducing the mileage, fake and inaccurate documents, and use of substandard spare parts on the car. Buyers are advised to seek expert advice before making a purchase.

While at the auction, understand the guidelines, ask for a test drive, and request to inspect the car.

State House Auction

On Tuesday, May 30, the State House announced the mass auction of vehicles, tyres, car batteries, lawnmowers, and scrap metal.

The auction will be on Friday, June 16 to be conducted at the State Department for Roads in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

All interested bidders were advised to have to part with a refundable deposit of Ksh50,000.

"Interested bidders may obtain further information by visiting and to download a catalogue containing details of the venue, items to be auctioned, conditions of sale, and date of viewing," read the notice in part.

An aerial view of the State House Kenya in Nairobi
An aerial view of the State House Kenya in Nairobi