Herdsman Finds Body Of Woman Dumped In Mombasa Forest

An undated image of a police vehicle at a scene of a crime
A police vehicle pictured at a scene of a crime

Police have launched investigations into the mysterious death of a middle-aged woman whose body was found dumped in a forest in Shanzu, Mombasa County.

According to the residents, the woman had been killed in a distant place before her murderers dumped her body inside the forest.

The residents accused the police of ignorance, citing that the police took too long to arrive at the crime scene despite informing them of the incident as early as 8 am.

"We informed the police in the morning at 8 am but they didn't instantly make oblige to the call but if it could have been a gun recovered or cash, they could have arrived so early." noted one of the residents.

Photo of a Police car
Photo of Police car
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The body of the alleged woman was found dumped in the thickets by a Maasai herdsman who quickly contacted the area village elder about the incident.

“There is a Maasai who works near this forest, he called me and informed me that there was a woman who had been knocked by a vehicle when arrived at the scene, I found a body that had allegedly been dumped here, I noticed this is a woman who had been killed somewhere else before her body was dumped here." narrated the village elder.

According to the village elder, there are several bodies that have in the past been recovered from the same forest, the village elder called on quick intervention to curb the recurrent deaths which he noted even happen during the day.

"When I arrived here I called the OCS, and they came and took the body, I have also notified the OCS, everybody knows about the murder, this forest should be cleared, children have been murdered and thrown her, got the report at 11 am.” added the village elder.

According to the residents, the forest has become a black place where dead bodies are dumped.

“ This forest has killed so many people and the owners of the forest should clear it."

The residents now want the forest cleared in order to curb the rampant killings that have been taking place in the area.

The police have since launched investigations into the mysterious death even as villages continue with the search for the deceased's head which is yet to be recovered.

An image of a forest in Kenya
An aerial view of a forest in Kiambu County.
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