Reprieve for Senator Mungatana as Court Rules on Ksh76 Million Case

Senator Mungatana
Tana River Senator Danson Mungatana.
Senator Danson Mungatana

Tana River Senator Danson Mungatana on Tuesday won the first round in a case where he had sued a Chadian national of defrauding him Ksh76 million after the Criminal Court sitting in Nairobi ruled that the accused will stand trial.

On Tuesday, the court ruled that there is possibility that the Chadian national defrauded Mungatana of Ksh76 million in a fake oil deal.

According to the Tana River Senator, the herbalist allegedly obtained US$1,000,000 (about Ksh76 million at the time) from Mungatana, pretending he was in a position to invest it in the oil industry, a fact he knew to be false.

"I was very happy when I was told there was another opportunity to invest Ksh5 million. I looked for money from friends and relatives including my brothers.

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"After six months, he, true to his words, gave me back Ksh10 million and all these transactions were in cash. I never suspected that it would go wrong because the accused inspires you with confidence. When you go to his place you will see many vehicles," the Senator told the court.

Mungatana told the court that the foreigner actually conned him a whopping amount after selling all his properties in an investment deal.

In his emotional testimony on Thursday, October 6, 2022, Mungatana gave a blow-to-blow account before Milimani Principal Magistrate Ben Mark Ekhubi, claiming that the traditional healer promised to double his money.

The Tana River Senator told the Magistrate that the Chadian herbalist was introduced to him by a friend who asked him for an initial investment of Ksh500,000, which he doubled as promised.

Mungatana noted that a second investment of Ksh5million also yielded Ksh10 million after six months.

“He called me personally, a few months later, and told me not to bring small monies. I gave him one million US dollars. At the time, the exchange rate was 76,” Mungatana informed the court.

The Chadian will now face the Prosecution while the Tana River Senator will stand as a State witness where he is seeking to recover his lost money.

He expressed his hope to recover the money, including damages that he suffered during the period when the money was stolen from him. 

A photo of police officers engaging in a discussion outside a police station on June, 2019.
A photo of police officers engaging in a discussion outside a police station on June, 2019.
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