Govt Cautions Kenyans Against Buying Sexual Enhancement Drug 'Asali ya Wazee'

Pharmacy and Poisons board banner
Pharmacy and Poisons board banner
Pharmarcy and Poisons board

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) has issued an alert cautioning Kenyans against purchasing THEMRA Epimedyumlu Macun, a drug made from honey that the agency has established to be adulterated.

In a statement signed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr.Fred Siyoi, PPB noted that the drug, popularly known as Asali wa Wazee, has been circulating in the market with its manufacturers promoting it as a sweet drug that enhances sexual performance

According to PPB, the manufacturers have also promoted the drug as a 100 per cent natural herbal drug.

Certified boxes containing drugs ready for distribution by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board
Certified boxes containing drugs ready for distribution by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board
Pharmacy and Poisons Board

However, PPB carried out tests and detected significant adulteration of the product with high levels of a conventional active pharmaceutical ingredient known as Sildenafil.

Sildenafil is a medication that treats erectile dysfunction and is the active ingredient in Viagra.

PPB warned that high levels of Sildenafil can lead to serious health effects on the user.

"The PPB informs the public that Sildenafil is classified as a Prescription-Only Medicine and its excessive consumption poses serious safety and health hazards," the statement read in part.

Dr. Siyoi cautioned the public from purchasing the drug without a prescription. Healthcare providers were also warned against either distributing or dispensing the product.

"Any person found dealing with or distributing these products will be subjected to legal action. Further, the PPB advises the public against use of health products that have not obtained approval from the PPB," Dr. Siyoi added.

The public was advised to report any form of suspected substandard and falsified medical products to the Board through their official channels. 

A doctor carries out a test in a laboratory
A doctor carries out a test in a laboratory.
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