Alarm as Carjacking Cases Rise Ahead of December Festivities

Traffic snarl-up at Uhuru Highway in Nairobi in March 2020.

A rise in the number of carjacking cases has triggered panic among Kenyans as Christmas festivities approach.

According to police reports from various stations across the country, thugs have been threatening motorists, especially cab operators, at gunpoint and stealing their cars.

Speaking to, David Mulunda, who is registered with a taxi-hailing company, recalled nearly falling prey to carjackers. Mulunda on Saturday, October 7, nearly lost his car if not for his swiftness to take decisive action. 

“I picked a client from Westlands to Kikuyu. On arrival at her gate, three men tried to attack us and broke the driver's window. I struggled with them for a while and finally broke free and drove off.” Mulunda narrated.

A collage of a prado involved in an accident along Thika Road on December 3,2023
A collage of a Prado involved in an accident along Thika Road on December 3, 2023
Derrick Mbugua

He further faulted the police at King’aru Police Station for failing to carry out investigations on the robbery attempt.

“We reported the matter, and there is no progress,” he added.

The taxi driver advised cab owners operating at night to be cautious and ensure they have the key details of their customers before embarking on a trip. 

“Ask your client if there is a place to turn. In my case, the road had a dead end, and the only way to turn was reverse. If I had such details I would have turned on the main road, which would have made it easier to drive off.” he advised.  

He also pointed out the need for their associations to help cater for such incidents and aid cab owners in alerting each other of crime hotspots. 

A different report from Muigai Inn police station indicated that another driver was carjacked at gunpoint on the night of Monday, December 4, while waiting for a client along Thika Road. The driver was kidnapped to a forest where he was robbed of his property before the abductors threatened to kill him. 

The driver survived the ordeal by jumping into a river before finding his way to Muigai Inn Police Post, where he filed a report.

On December 3 2023, occupants of a Prado opened fire at Kahawa Wendani after an online cab driver demanded compensation for a hit-and-run involving the said vehicle near Juja.

The said assailants further hijacked a motorbike which they used as a getaway after crashing on rail guards off the road. Earlier, the armed suspects had posed as car buyers, abducted motor dealers and held them captive while demanding ransom from family and friends. 

A screengrab of armed men abducting a man in Eastleigh on November 14, 2023.
A screengrab of armed men abducting a man in Eastleigh on November 14, 2023.

On Thursday, December 7, a vehicle was stolen at Tassia along Outering Road near Muhindi Mweusi supermarket.

The owner, who immediately recorded a statement at the Embakasi Police station under OB number 14/07/12/2023 is yet to get a response from the ongoing investigations. 

On the same day, a Toyota Wish was reported stolen at the Kasarani Police Station. The owner, in the statement recorded under OB number 47/07/12/2023, informed the police that the vehicle went missing from his parking spot during the Kenya Medical Training College  (KMTC) 92nd graduation ceremony, which was held in Kasarani National Stadium in Nairobi.

In other parts of the country, a Toyota NZE was stolen at Samutet, Kapsoit Kericho County. Stakeholders in the taxi sector have requested relevant authorities to be vigilant and come up with ways of mitigating the incidents.

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