Patient Breathing on Life Support Dropped at Kenya Power Offices Over Constant Blackouts

Patient and her sister-in-law at Kenya Power and Lighting Company Offices where she had been brought follwing a prolonged power black-out at home.

A family in Mtwapa, Kilifi County resorted to taking their ailing family member depending on life support to the Kenya Power offices to access electricity.

Speaking on Friday, the family lamented that it had no other alternative after it was plunged into darkness for more than 48 hours

With the patient relying on electricity to use her nebulizer about four times a day, the family needed to get electricity sooner. A nebulizer is a machine used by patients to take their medication in the form of a mist that is inhaled into the lungs.

“I have my sister-in-law who uses a nebulizer frequently. I was really sad and angry today that we had to bring her here at the Kenya Power offices to try and get electricity so that she can nebulize,” the sister-in-law to the patient stated.

Nebulizer Machine
The photo of a nebulizer machine

One other family member lamented that many attempts to get immediate attention from Kenya Power. 

“I was only getting a reference number after reference number with no assistance offered,” she lamented. 

The family thus vowed to stay with the patient at the KPLC offices until their plight is addressed and electricity restored at home. 

"It looks like they will just have to stay here because around 8 to 8.30 is when she has to use another dose of the nebulizer,” the sister-in-law added.

She further added that their neighbour, who was suffering from cancer and relied on electricity for medication was also affected by the prolonged blackout.

“I have a question for Kenya Power. Why do we always have a problem and why is their customer care always lying to us?” She enquired.

The family called for investigations to be carried out and their case fast-tracked after accusing Kenya Power of laxity despite being well informed about their case. 

“I would like to get an update on my case but every time I call customer care, they keep lying to me, telling me that they are on the way yet we never receive their services,” the aggrieved family spokesperson complained. 

They also lamented that the blackout had forced them to dump their foodstuff which went stale hours after the blackout. Kenya Power was yet to respond to the family's grievances. Its staff, nonetheless, accommodated the patient at its offices. 

Kenya Power building in Nairobi CBD.
Kenya Power building in Nairobi CBD.
Kenya Power