Al-Shabaab Militants Reportedly Luring Kenyan Girls Into Marriage

  • Al-shabaab militants are reportedly kidnapping young girls from poor families in Kilifi county, under the guise of marrying them.

    The militants disguised as men looking for wives are said to be targeting poor families and luring the girls with high bride prices.

    After conducting Islamic weddings the girls and their 'husbands' leave for an unknown destination with the families being left with no information.

    It is alleged that 18 weddings between local girls and unknown men have so far taken place, ten in Malindi and eight in Watamu.

    Confirming the happenings Malindi deputy county commissioner Gideon Ombongi has said they currently have seven cases of secret weddings, which have raised suspicion as the people use upcountry names and Muslim names, The Star reports.

    Some of the men are said to be from Isiolo, Nairobi and Kitui.

    Kilifi women’s representative Aisha Jumwa and Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aro have urged parents to be careful or risk losing their children to strangers.

    REVEALED: Al Shabaab now marrying young girls from poor families in Kilifi to recruit them

    — The Star, Kenya (@TheStarKenya) May 28, 2015

    Image of al-shabaab militants