Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan Responds to New Scandal Involving Her Company

  • Citizen TV news anchor Lulu Hassan has responded to allegations that her production company, Jiffy Pictures, failed to pay a man who they hired to write a script for a TV programme.

    This is after a local tabloid ran a story dragging her name into the saga where a man identified as Denis Maina, claimed that he was contacted in July 2016 by one Ibrahim Chitayi, who happens to be the head writer at the company – to write a script for Moyo series which airs on Citizen TV.

    Mr Maina disclosed that Mr Chitayi booked him into a hotel in Nyali after they reached an agreement on the script.

    According to Maina, he wrote the script for two weeks, bringing the total cost to Sh127,500. Mr Chitayi would later excuse himself alleging that he was going to Tanzania for a shoot but never came back.

    Mr Maina divulged that he contacted Chitayi after two weeks elapsed on the mode of payment, only to be told his scripts were a disappointment and would not be used.

    He now claims that he was shocked to see the same scripts being used in the series, Moyo, despite having been informed that Lulu was disappointed with his 'poor quality' scripts.

    When contacted Lulu on the story, she expressed shock at the allegations stating that she had never met or seen Maina, adding that she only deals with her head writer. 

    “I have never met Mr Maina… I was only dealing with Mr Chitayi. I am wondering why I am being involved with a guy that I have never even met,’’ she told this journalist.

    Lulu made it very clear that she is not even aware of the writers Mr Chitayi sub-contracts to write scripts stating, “ It's very clear that I am not involved in this matter."

    The Citizen TV anchor, who is appreciated for her mastery of the Swahili language, said that Mr Maina should look for Mr Chitayi since she was not even aware that they had an agreement.