We Want More Money For Workers, Declares Atwoli

  • Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli say they will be demanding a 20 percent increment in their workers minimum wage during the upcoming Labour Day celebrations.

    Atwoli says that the government went back on their promise to increase salaries that have remained the same for the past two years adding that most Kenyans were living in poverty as a result.

    The increment, Atwoli says will shelter workers against the high cost of living.

    He further criticized Labour cabinet secretary Kazungu Kambi, accusing him of not putting the interest of workers first.

    Atwoli now wants a meeting set up between the government, workers and employers to come up with solutions to the challenges facing the industry.

    The Labour Day celebrations will be held at Uhuru Park grounds with president Uhuru Kenyatta expected to be in attendance.

    Francis Awtoli