Four Children Die in Septic Tank Fall

  • Tragedy struck Mshomoroni area of Mombasa County when four children died after falling into 30 foot deep septic tank whose top slab caved in as they were playing.

    Frantic efforts by neighbours who answered to the cries for help salvaged one child but it was a little too late for Caleb Onyango, 7, Mercy Awuor,10, Junior Otieno, 9, and Ismail Sadiki, 7. Two of the victims were siblings.

    Residents are now baying for the blood of the developer on whose land the septic tank was built, claiming that the tank was poorly constructed and that in 20 years, it has not been repaired.

    Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho has ordered an inspection of all septic tanks in the county, following the tragedy.

    Police investigations into the matter continue.