Ex-TV Anchor Louis Otieno's Sexual Abuse Claims Spark Reactions

Former television presenter Louis Otieno on Friday sparked an online buzz after making damning allegations during the murder inquest of his friend Careen Chepchumba.

Otieno claimed before the Kibera law courts that Ms Chepchumba was sexually abused by her father, Mr Hosea Kili, and that the mother knew about it.

The former news anchor, who denied involvement in the 26-year-old's murder, said the deceased confided in him that Mr Kili was not her biological father and used to beat her.

Otieno further dismissed earlier allegations by Mr Kili that her daughter piled debts as she struggled to finance the journalist's lifestyle.

The court heard that when Otieno met Chepchumba, who worked as an Engineer at Kenya Power, he was running consultancy services which earned him sufficient money.

“Before I met her, I owned several Mercedes Benzes, a Land Cruiser and a BMW at various times,” he said.

His argument, however, did not convince a section of the public as some twitter users found the allegations malicious. On the other hand, some believed that Otieno had nothing to do with the woman's death but only wondered how his life had changed for the worse.

Ms Chepchumba, who was allegedly in a romantic relationship with Otieno, was discovered dead on February 14, 2012, in her Kilimani house at Santonia Court, off Kirichwa Road in Nairobi.

Her father said that autopsy results showed that Chepchumba was strangled.

Here are some of the reactions: 

Louis Otieno extorted a girl and now is dragging her father's name in all this mess...hata he has no shame puuuh

— Mary (@MissWanyeri) June 3, 2016

Life can throw u a curve ball like it has Louis Otieno.He is a pale shadow of his former flamboyant self.That said,I don't believe he killed

— HighHeelsAndLowLifes (@AngKavi) June 3, 2016

This is the begging of end of Louis otieno..

— cante (@olndatc) June 3, 2016

You are suffering from which complex? Let's do DNA tests to verify Louis Otieno allegations on Careen . @wainainanjenga

— PHOTOGRAPHY +254 (@oluocheli) June 3, 2016

Louis Otieno will say anything at this point. Such a shame. https://t.co/Wk5dXYLouH

— Kamakil (@Kamakil) June 3, 2016

Louis Otieno playing some dirty cards. Eh! What is this he is saying?

— Njeri Kareithi (@deekareithi) June 3, 2016

Life comes at you fast. RT@__monyque How Louis Otieno went from Flashy Mr. Untouchable to the current shell should be a case study.

— Hundred Eyes. (@BaldWonderh) June 3, 2016



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