Fake Marathoner Julius Njogu Arrested after Winning Stanchart Marathon

A dramatic scene was witnessed at the annual Stanchart Nairobi Marathon, on Sunday, after a man attempted to cheat his way to victory.

28-year-old Julius Njogu crossed the finish line at second position, which would have seen him take home Sh650,000, however, one of the press hounds rose up to oppose Njogu's win.

“I don’t think he has run,” the press hound shouted.

What caught the attention of many was that Njogu showed no sign of breaking sweat, he also did not look exhausted like other runners in the 42 Kilometre were.

Njogu, according to CapitalNews, did not even head to the medical tent as all top finishers around him did for attention on burning muscles, cramps or other adverse effects.

Shortly later, all the attention turned to Njogu, with the authorities questioning his kit, participation and why he did not look tired.

After a review of the video and photographs taken in the marathon course, it was later established that the man had barely ran a Kilometre. Njogu had joined the top three runners towards the finish point.

He was arrested and immediately taken to the Nyayo stadium police post for further questioning.

Today's Stanchart Marathon was the 13th annual event which brought together about 17,000 participants - members of the corporate and political elite, fun runners and other citizens.


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