How Americans and Chinese Have Been Stealing From Kenya

  • Americans and the Chinese nationals are the key hackers in most firms and corporates in Kenya, making away with Billions every year. 

    According to a Wednesday report on cyber crime, Kenyan firms and the public sector have already lost Sh15 Billion this year, an amount that has tripled from last year's due to an increase in the online crime.

    The 2015 Cyber Crime Report highlighted that most hackers, Americans and the Chinese, had found a way of siphoning money from Kenya's financial systems including the banking and the telecommunications sectors.

    Last year, Kenya and Germany topped the list of hackers who had intruded the country's system.

    The report further revealed how most Kenyan companies were exposed to hackers globally, with installed CCTV cameras and routers having their default factory settings unchanged.

    The document also indicated that the public sector lost Sh5 Billion, while the financial sector was also robbed more than Sh4 Billion. Following the report, Kenya's Government has been put under pressure after it was discovered that it lacked enough resources to fight the plague.

    Other common attacks took place on social media, mobile banking, telecommunication threats, mobile money fraud, banking fraud and Cyber espionage,the Nation reports.

    The study was conducted by United States International University (USIU) Center for Informatics Research and Innovation, PKF Consulting, and Serianu Cyber Threat Intelligence Team between July 2014 and September 2014.

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