Joho Now Fears For His Life After Uhuru's Threats

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho on Tuesday claimed that he was now living in fear following "direct threats" issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta towards him during a public gathering in the Coast.

On Monday, President Kenyatta vowed to deal with Mr Joho after drama unfolded when security agents under the President's instructions, blocked him from attending the relaunch of Mtongwe Ferry, which was presided over by Kenyatta.

"Mwambieni asituchezee...sisi tutamnyorosha (tell him not to joke with us... we’ll deal with him)," President Kenyatta warned Joho.

The Mombasa leader called for a "global interrogation" of Uhuru's recent utterances noting that such remarks by the President could mean anything and he was unsure of what could happen to him.

"The President said he will deal with me. This means anything can happen to me. It is a direct threat and it is not easy to handle a direct threat from a head of state," Joho said noting that the President had threatened his life.

The Governor, however, stated that the President would not intimidate him into silence and swore to continue speaking his mind and doing his work.

At the same time, the Governor rubbished President Kenyatta's earlier claims that Mombasa had received Sh40 Billion for the past four years stating that the county only had receipt of Sh17 Billion.

"It has come to my attention, as is widely reported in media outlets, statements attributed to H.E. The President of Kenya to the effect that Mombasa County Government is the beneficiary of a collective Sh40 Billion in National disbursements since the onset of Devolution.

"However, we seem aware of only the following exchequer issues in equitable share and conditional grants since the inception of devolved Government," Joho mentioned.

The Mombasa Governor outlined the amounts of money he had received for the past four financial years which amounted to Sh16.4 Billion.

Mr Joho demanded the Government to hand his county the pending Sh23.6 Billion to enable him to carry out development projects in his County.

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