Journalists Escape Death As ODM Chair Shoots At Them

  • Six journalists Friday narrowly escaped death after they were shot at, while covering a story.

    Nakuru branch ODM Chair Peter Ole Osono is said to have opened fire at the journalists who were covering a story on a peaceful demonstration at the controversial Oljorai scheme in Elementaita, Gilgil.

    Osono is reported to have defied a directive by the National Land Commissioner chairman Mohammed Swazuri to open a public road that he had closed for private development prompting the residents to demonstrate.

    However the demonstrations turned to a scamper for safety when Ole Osono arrived at the farm accompanied by morans armed with machetes, bows, arrows and rungus, Citizen News reports.

    It took the intervention of Rift Valley Regional Commissioner Osman Warfa and some of the demonstrators to secure the besieged journalists.

    According to the Rift-valley Regional Commissioner the Nakuru ODM chair will be disarmed for misusing his firearm.

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