Kenya Issues Travel Advisory Against South Africa Over Increased Crime Rate

  • The Kenyan government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has issued a travel advisory to Kenyans living and those planning to travel to South Africa urging them to be wary of the security concerns.

    In a memo dated 24th April 2017, Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Monica Juma raised concern over increased armed robberies, carjacking, theft, burglary, kidnap, rape and mugging against foreigners in South Africa.

    “The most worrying element of this crime wave is the rising number of incidents of attacks within the vicinity of hotels,”  Dr Juma stated.

    The memo further stated that the crime rate had reached a level where the police seem to be overwhelmed by perpetrators.

    "This spate of escalated crime has not spared the diplomatic community with successive carjacking and theft being witnessed recently," the memo read in part.

    The ministry further urged Kenyans who are planning to travel to South Africa on duty or official visits to be very cautious.

    Other countries that have issued travel advisories against South Africa include the United Kingdom and Canada which issued the alerts on April 24 and May 2 respectively.

    Here is the memo:

    armed burglary armed rape