Kenyan Teenagers At Risk of A Disease Associated with The Elderly

  • The Kenya Diabetes Management and Information center says there is a growing concern that Kenyan teenagers are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with diabetes.

    The center's chief executive director Eva Muchemi says that the rise can be attributed to unhealthy living styles with consumption of unhealthy food stuffs and lack of enough exercise being the biggest problems.

    Muchemi says that compared to the last century where children were raised on healthy foods, nowadays children are fed with processed foods that contribute to diabetes.

    She added that while the disease was more commonly associated to the elderly, reports indicate that children as young as four months are being diagnosed with it.

    She was speaking at a launch of Safaricom's free medical camps organized by the Kenya Diabetes Management and Information Centre and the Safaricom Foundation.

    The two organizations are moving around the country to make diagnosis of diabetes accessible to all Kenyans