Man at JKIA Emits 83 Cocaine Pellets

  • A Nigerian national was on Saturday forced to discharge through his anus 83 pellets of cocaine, after he was arrested by Anti-narcotics police officers at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

    The man, who had arrived at the airport from Lagos Nigeria, was stopped and held by the police under close watch before ejecting the 83 pellets valued at Sh5 Million.

    According the Airport CID boss Joseph Ngisa, the suspect had inserted the drugs in his anal system to avoid detection.

    “He was put under observation and he has so far emitted 83 pellets of white powder that has been tested and found to be cocaine,” Ngisa told The Standard.

    The trafficker was headed to Nairobi, which according to the police is in contrast to previous arrests where similar traffickers are always on transit to other countries. Most drugs coming to Kenya are believed to pass through the Namanga border.

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    The police, however, could not establish the destination of the drugs as the suspect reportedly refused to cooperate with the officers.

    Police stated that the suspect will be arraigned in court to face charges of trafficking narcotics.

    Last year, amongst other numerous cases of trafficking, two Kenyans were arrested at the JKIA while trying to traffic methamphetamine narcotics valued at Sh24 million.