Man Saves Lives of Women Who Robbed Him

  • An attempt to lynch two women accused of stealing from drunk men in a night club were foiled after the ladies were rescued by their theft victim.

    Patrons at the club in Makutano town, West Pokot County, who claimed that they witnessed the two ladies robbing a man of his mobile phone, ATM Cards and money attempted to stop the suspects from escaping as a mob gathered.

    The customers at the Sebit Club said that they were trying to teach them a lesson so that they would not steal from anyone else.

    Reports by the Kenya News Agency, however, show that the women were rescued by the person they allegedly robbed, Mr John Kariuki.

    The drunk reveler said that he did not need any help from the club goers since it was his belongings that were taken.

    “No one should dare touch these ladies, because they have not stolen from any of you but me. I don’t know how that pains you. It’s my property they have stolen and I have never employed any of you to be my watchmen, therefore mind your own business,” said Kariuki

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