Mike Sonko Urges IG Joseph Boinnet to Promote Police Officer Sammy Ondimu

  • A Nairobi-based police officer Sammy Ondimu Ngare has been making news for the right reasons due to his kind deeds that have moved the public.

    A section of the public led by Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko are now calling on the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to promote the police officer.

    In his latest deed, Mr Ngare was moved by the plight of a woman identified as Constance Mutune who has been suffering from Colon Cancer in an advanced stage.

    Mutune, who lives in Mradi informal settlements in Embakasi, was turned away from Kenyatta hospital as she could not afford a deposit of Sh6,000 for admission.

    [caption caption="A sick Constance Mutune"][/caption]

    She was given a prescription of some drugs amounting to Sh15,000 which she could not afford owing to her economic situation.

    In pain, she retreated to her humble residence with no one to take care of her. Due to the heavy rains, water was all over the place in her home adding to her misery.

    [caption caption="Constance receiving medical attention"][/caption]

    Moved by her suffering, the police officer shared the woman's plight on Facebook to raise funds to take care of the medical expenses, with many well-wishers responding to the call.

    Senator Sonko also moved in to take care of the medical expenses.

    The cop organized for Ms Mutune to be taken to hospital for readmission and has been responding well to treatment.

    Mr Ngare has clearly set an example worth emulating by other police officers.

    It is his dedication to serving humanity that has got the public showering accolades on him and calling for his promotion.

    [caption caption="Sammy Ondimu Ngare"][/caption]