Mother in Thika Fight Now Says Husband in Love with Daughter

  • A woman who was caught on camera in a violent domestic fight with her husband and children in Thika, now claims her husband is preying on their daughter and are in love.

    The allegations were made by Mr Joseph Kamotho's estranged wife Virginia Wangari, who claimed that her husband had been trying to get rid of her since he was secretly having an affair with their daughter.

    “At first I thought it was just the small fights that occur in marriages, but I soon realised it was serious when I found out he has been sleeping with our daughter, who seems to support his actions. They locked me in a room in the house,” Wangari revealed.

    Her husband has since refuted the claims and instead accused the wife of trying to kill him by puting poison in his food so she could take over his wealth.

    “I came home as usual on February 1, in the evening and she gave me food (rice and cabbage). Three hours after eating the food, I developed stomach pains and started to diarrhoea,” he narrated.

    It is reported that Kamotho took the matter to Makongeni Police Station in Thika.

    Meanwhile, the 18-year-old daughter has also denied the claims that she has been sleeping with her father, expressing shock in the serious allegations by her mother, whom she declared they now don’t see eye-to-eye.

    The feuding family came into the limelight after the woman claimed she had been locked into her house for three months by her husband of 20 years, with whom they have 11 children. The family dispute degenerated into a nasty brawl witnessed by residents of Thika's Kisii estate and in the glare of the media.

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