PHOTO: Man Loses Job And Family Over His Looks

  • A man has lost his job, wife and child because of how he looks. The 23-year-old man from Sino in Nyamira County, has had a string of bad occurrences due to a tumor developing on his face.

    He was hospitalized in St Mary's hospital, Lang'ata in Nairobi, where his first surgery was not successful.

    Charles Odoyo, his sister and grandmother, who had small businesses, were not able to raise the Sh3 Million which was required for his medical expenses in India.

    The tumor which started as a spot on his face has now covered his left eye and has even made it impossible for him to eat on his own.

    Odoyo's new wife was reportedly advised by the villagers to leave him because of his tumor and that he was a bad omen.

    He has also been living in isolation since residents of the area believe that he is a cursed man.

    DISCLAIMER: The image below could be disturbing.

    Watch Video Courtesy Of K24