REVEALED: How NGO Spoilt Uhuru-Museveni Pipeline Deal

Fresh details have emerged linking a Non-Governmental Organisation to Uganda's decision of dumping Kenya for Tanzania in the pipeline deal.

A reputable security expert on Tuesday spilt the beans that some foreign NGO's were spying for other countries under the disguise of conducting humanitarian causes in Kenya.

Speaking on Thursday at a meeting called by the NGOs' Co-ordination Board, Mwenda Mbijiwe pointed out that there was sufficient evidence that a particular NGO informed President Yoweri Museveni's Government that it was unsafe building the pipeline through northern Kenya.

"What many Kenyans do not know is that the organisation was giving security information to foreign embassies and intelligence agencies and the Ugandan government claiming there were community conflicts in the region," divulged Mbijiwe.

His sentiments were confirmed by NGO Co-ordination Board Executive Director Fazul Mohammed, who said that legal action had been taken against the suspected organisation.

Mohammed, however, declined to mention the NGO's identity stating that investigation was in progress. 

The revelations come barely three days after President Uhuru Kenyatta spoke for the first time on the collapsed pipeline deal.

Kenyatta expressed disappointment in the turn of events stating: “Our Ugandan counterparts thought that their best interests for whatever reasons might best be served by going to the Port of Tanga that equally is their right. I thought and it was Kenya’s position that it would have been more economical if we were to do it together following the North route which is through the Port of Lamu”.

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