Sonko Cries During Interview After Being Asked Whether He loved his Daughter Saumu Mbuvi

  • Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko broke into tears on Friday during an interview on Citizen TV while affirming that he loved his daughter Saumu Mbuvi Sonko.

    This is after one of the interviewers asked the Senator whether he still loved the daughter after being impregnated by Benson Gatu - Saumu's ex-boyfriend.

    Sonko, who at first opposed the relationship, disclosed that he was not concerned by the boyfriend anymore adding that he loved Saumu very much.

    “I love my daughter… She is my blood despite the drama… I love her so much,” Sonko could not hold back tears as he told the journalist.

    Speculations were rife that the Senator was opposed to her daughter being married by Mr Benson, who is eying a parliamentary seat.

    It later emerged that the two had broken up with Saumu claiming the boyfriend had been cheating on her.  Sonko’s daughter delivered a baby girl on Thursday at a city hospital.

    Here is the Video: