VIDEO: Did This Man Cause Raila to Fall?

  • An analysis of the video that captured former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and other politicians fall to the ground, seems to point at an unidentified man as the cause of the incident.

    In the video, examined by KTN, a man in a white shirt on the far right, is seen holding onto one of the podium's main pillars.

    He then gestures at the crowd to 'move away' from the stage where the CORD Coalition politicians gathered as Odinga addressed the crowd. 

    The man then withdraws his hands from the seemingly weakened pillar then jumps into the crowd as the dais wrecks down after him, cutting short the Opposition leader, amidst an intensified speech filled with parables and bible verses.

    “I was shown the hill where the devil tempted Jesus telling him he would give him all the land if he worshiped him. But Jesus rejected the devil telling him to go away,” narrated Raila, before the sudden fall.

    The incident happened on Thursday after the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader travelled to the Coast to express his solidarity with the embattled Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, over claims of harassment by the central government.

    On the fateful day, Raila filed a petition at the Malindi High Court over what he termed as continued state harassment and victimization of Opposition politicians in the Coast region.

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    Watch Video Courtesy of KTN: