VIDEO: Raila Dangerously Falls Down In Rally

  • Coalition for Reforms and Democracy Leader Raila Odinga on Thursday fell down thunderously while addressing a political gathering in the coastal town of Malindi.

    The Opposition Leader had gone to the coast to express his solidarity with embattled Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho when the incident occured.

    The dais collapsed, swallowing up the former Prime minister, who was at that moment using his famous parables to condemn 'evil forces' targeting members of his coalition. 

    Just after giving a bible account of how Jesus told off Satan for trying to lure him in the wilderness, the podium came down leaving Odinga and his political team rolling on the ground.

    “I was shown the hill where the devil tempted Jesus telling him he would give him all the land if he worshiped him. But Jesus rejected the devil telling him to go away,” Raila said.

    On the fateful day,  Raila filed a petition at the Malindi High Court over what he termed as continued state harassment and victimization of Opposition politicians at the Coast.

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