VIDEO: Sonko Rebukes former MP In Front of Worshippers

  • Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko  reprimanded former Lugari Member of Parliament, Cyrus Jirongo for his contradictory remarks during a church function.

    Attending a fundraiser at PAG church in Kangemi, Jirongo said that President Uhuru Kenyatta would fail in the 2017 elections, because he did not steer the country in the right direction and was covering corrupt individuals in his Government.

    Sonko, however, dismissed the corruption and land grabbing claims adding that Jirongo also stole from the people during his time in Government.

    “Jirongo grabbed land, he has land in Ruai estimated at 1500 acres. Why don't you divide that land amongst your tribesmen. If we are thieves then you are a bigger thief,” said the Nairobi Senator.

    The Senator also said that insulting the President in church was wrong and that government was ready to be criticised fairly if it had gone wrong.

    "If there is something at fault let us solve it in the right manner. Let us respect each other so that Kenya progresses with mature politics,” said Sonko.

    Sonko reiterated that Kenyatta was the president and deserved to be respect as he would do the same for any other President .

    Jirongo recently asked Deputy President William Ruto to get out of what he called an oppressive marriage with Uhuru.

    "Hii ni Ndoa ya mateso kwa deputy president (The DP is in an oppressive marriage), he should get out immediately and come we make a union to walk out of slavery together, when we merge forces nobody can stop our power in the masses," he stated.

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    Watch Video Courtesy Of K24


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