What the Google Mobile Search Revolution Means

  • Google has launched a mobile search mobile switch, that is said to favour 'mobile friendly ' websites.

    With a growing number of people who use the mobile phone as their primary online device this brings the hope of a better Google search experience.

    This means companies without a good mobile website will suffer, as searchers on mobile will see sites with good mobile experiences ranked higher, than those with no mobile or poor mobile sites.

    According to Google the change is designed to help users find search results designed for their devices.

    Mobile traffic now makes up an estimated 60 percent of all Web traffic, according to a 2014 comScore report, indicating that a majority of consumers have switched over from desktop to mobile when it comes to accessing the web.

    With the ongoing digital take over and companies trying to have consumers access services at the comfort of their mobile phones, consumers wait to see the impact of the search revolution.

    Image of google