Wife and Children Seriously Injure Father's Genitals

  •  A man has accused his wife of 40 years and other members of his family of assaulting him over land disputes.

    65-year-old John Gachiri, while at an Othaya court, testified against his wife and son for allegedly beating him.

    Gachiri further added that after the incident, he questioned whether he was the biological father to the 11 children. The man asked the court to conduct DNA tests on them, to confirm whether they were his off springs.

    “After the harsh treatment from them and my wife, I seriously doubt that I actually fathered them,” said Gachiri.

    The wife and his last born son took plea of not being guilty of charges of assault against Mr Gachiri.

    Gachiri, who is a farmer, further told the court that none of his children came to see him while he was in hospital, a factor that fueled his quest to have a paternity test conducted.

    According to a report by the Daily Nation, the assault victim's right leg and genitals were seriously injured, he had to be taken for surgery due to his injuries.

    The 65-year-old man added that it was not the first time his wife had beaten him, but he had previously filed charges against her in other instances but dropped them after she asked for forgiveness.

    Resident Magistrate Raymond Kibet of the Othaya court is yet to rule on the DNA test.