Thandiwe Muriu

Thandiwe Muriu is a photographer who fell in love with art at the young age of 14.

When learning the craft, she was driven by the burning desire to be the best in her field and as such, she took every online class, immersed herself in every book she could find, and studied tutorials extensively.

Fast forward, her work has been recognised globally and covered by international media outlets such as Vogue.

Muriu was among Kenya's first female commercial artists. In 2020, she shook the art world with her series, Camo.

Thandiwe Muriu is on record stating that her work is inspired by women and African culture.

One of her signature identities is employing Ankara fabrics, skilfully camouflaging models' features to weave captivating illusions.

Muriu has showcased her work on the international stage with her latest gala being in Paris.