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Abraham Kimani aka Abraham Bamboo aka Africa’s Hip-Hop King is the first African Rapper to create serious waves in the US music industry. Born in Nairobi Kenya, Bamboo moved to the notorious Inglewood neighborhood in California when he was a young child. By the age of 15 he was rapping in the streets of LA impressing his friends with his style and flow. At the age of 17 his parents knew they had no choice but to send their son back to East Africa or he would end up like the rest of his childhood friends…dead or in the state penitentiary. Bamboo was immediately sent to a strict boarding school in the Kenyan capital, and the violent and dangerous streets of Los Angeles, California became a memory. Bamboo’s passion for the music that influenced his formative years remained strong and by 19 he was entering regional rap competitions at top clubs in the Kenyan capital. His personal style, flow and lyrical content created a buzz in the growing underground Hip-Hop movement and young people from all the townships around the capital would pack clubs to capacity to watch him perform. Bamboo was spotted by local recording studio executives who were blown away with his talent, and before long he had a recording deal producing his first album ‘Nairoberry’ in 2001. The album sold-out within weeks and endorsement deals soon followed as corporations saw the marketing value that Bamboo could bring to their products in the region. Within months Bamboo had major endorsements in the region. Kenyan Brewery’s signed Bamboo to promote new products as part of their Television campaign and Coca-Cola signed Bamboo to promote their products during an aggressive radio campaign, using his music, lyrics, style and sound. These corporate endorsements were broadcast in the top three markets in the region, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Bamboo’s music video’s were on heavy rotation on regional networks such as Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), Nation Television and Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). KBC regularly featured Bamboo as a guest performer on their popular daily Hip Hop show ‘Rap’em’ and when he could not perform they played his music video’s. In 2005 sponsored by Chandaria Industries, Kenya’s largest supplier of household goods, Bamboo began an intensive tour of Kenya performing a totally of 185 shows in 4 months. At the end of this tour Bamboo was a household name in the region and was proclaimed Africa’s first King of Hip Hop. Since moving back to the US earlier this year, Bamboo has already created a buzz featuring in showcases across the country and headlining in shows in New York, Washington, Texas and California. He has also featured in New York based Industry publications and is the star of the award winning Hip Hop Documentary Film ‘Hip Hop Colony’, and his song “Compe” is featured in the Hollywood movie ‘Primeval’. Bamboo’s success to date has produced a total of four albums including the wildly successful ‘Nairoberry’ in 2001 and ‘Nairobism’, in 2002 both albums are considered African Hip Hop classics. His success has lead to tours in key European markets and airplay in France, Belgium, Holland and the UK. Abraham Bamboo was first inspired from the music he heard and the life he lead in America and he is keen for the US markets to hear his music and understand that this King of African Hip Hop is the genuine voice of the new international Hip Hop nation. Abraham Bamboo is now a born again Christian, saved and keen to deliver the message of Jesus Christ to a dying world "by every means possible." Join the movement!!

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