Documents Required by NTSA for Transfer of Vehicles in Bank & Rent Auctions

Vehicles at a yard at the Port of Mombasa (left) and Kenyans seeking services from NTSA offices in Nairobi.
Vehicles at a yard at the Port of Mombasa (left) and Kenyans seeking services from NTSA offices in Nairobi.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has listed various documentation that is required to facilitate the transfer of vehicles that banks and auctioneers have auctioned for loan and rent arrears.

Below is the detailed list of documents Kenyans ought to produce for the vehicle bought through the two auctions.

Vehicles Repossed by Banks

Kenyans who purchase vehicles that banks have repossessed ought to produce a certified copy of the auctioneer's license and the auctioneer's registration certificate.

The display of the integrated NTSA -Ecitizen platform.
The display of the integrated NTSA -Ecitizen platform.

Additionally, NTSA required one to present the KRA PIN for the auctioned vehicle, tender documents for the tendered motor vehicle and a letter of instruction issued by a financial institution appointing the auctioneer.

A certificate of sale, original purchase receipt, discharge letter from the bank, official letter for request of transfer, original registration certificate, and certificate of incorporation for the bank and auctioneer are also required to facilitate the transfer.

Other documents are the KRA PIN for an auctioneer and the bank, a letter from the Bank showing the highest bidder, sworn affidavit by the institution auctioning, a sworn affidavit by the applicant, a tape lift from DC and the transfer form.

Further, the applicant also needs to provide a copy of the advertisement that announced the auction.

Cars Bought on Rent Auctions

For this category, NTSA noted that the applicant needs to present 13 documents including a request letter written by the new owner.

Other documents are an original logbook or police abstract, properly filled Form C stamped by the auctioneer, tape lift from the DCI and a sworn affidavit from a magistrate or Advocate.

The new owner also needs to provide a copy of their ID Copy of ID & KRA PIN including those of the previous owners.

A certificate of registration and KRA PIN of the company, a copy of the auctioneer licence and registration certificate, a certificate of sale and a copy of the vesting order are also required.

On the other hand, NTSA also requires one to present a newspaper advertisement on the auction of the vehicles.

A  warrant of attachment of movable property and warrant of sale also needs to be included in the application.

Process on E-Citizen 

  • Log into your E-Citizen account
  • Select NTSA Service Portal 
  • Go to services and select alternative/forced transfer
  • Fill in the required information, and select the type of alternative transfer
  • Attach original clear coloured scanned documents combined as a single PDF file
  • Indicate the collection centre and the ID number of the authorized person to collect the logbook, then click on submit.
  • Make payments for the transfer application and inspection services.
  • Wait for the 7-day standstill period for process verification.
  • Log in to your account and view the inspection booking prompt under notifications. Select the preferred centre and date.
  • Present the vehicle for inspection.
  • Present the original documents to the identified logbook collection centre.
  • Upon approval, a notification shall be sent to the new owner
Vehicles at a yard for sale.
Vehicles at a yard for sale.