Why Kenya Power Plans to Roll Out Remote-Monitoring Smart Meters for SMEs

Collage image of Smart Meters rolled out by Kenya Power
Collage image of Smart Meters rolled out by Kenya Power
Kenya Power

Kenya Power is in the process of rolling out smart meters for large consumers of power including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and commercial entities.

The smart meters which are more technologically advanced than traditional gadgets allow for real-time tracking of electricity usage for the consumer including remote operation.

With remote monitoring, the consumer will be in a position to monitor their energy consumption in real-time from their home or office via smartphone apps or website portals.

Kenya Power also specified that the meters are advantageous for the consumers as they provide accurate billing which is a huge plus for consumers.

Kenya Power Tokens metre.

The meters also provide an automatic reconnection of power after bill payment contrary to the current meters that require manual input for reconnection after bill payment.

Kenya Power has also listed improving efficiency and reducing electricity waste as one of the advantages of using the smart meters.

The smart meters also detect anomalies instantly, allowing for swift intervention and resolution of electrical issues.

In this ambitious plan, the company plans to have large consumers of power connected by December 2024, while it aims to connect those who use more than 200 units of power to the new meters within three years.

In a previous statement issued by the power utility firm, it was communicated that the company had installed 67,000 meters as of February 2024 lifting the company’s sales by Ksh347 million.

"The company has successfully installed 67,000 smart meters targeting SMEs and the Meter Data Management Infrastructure. Smart meters provide real-time monitoring and remote reading, offering consumers the ability to effortlessly track and get a clear picture of their electricity consumption patterns," Kenya Power Managing Director Joseph Siror remarked.

KPLC further stated that the meters are connected to the company’s customer service department through the organisation’s communication tower.

The company also assured consumers of the safety of their data and the existence of protocols in place to prevent data breaches after several consumers raised concerns.

A man fixing an electricity meter
A man fixing an electricity meter
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