5 Most Interesting Features About Pope's Car

  • Pope Francis is expected to arrive in the country on a three-day tour starting from November 25. However, many are yet to know some important details about the pope's visit including the type of vehicle he will use.

    The 'Popemobile' which is the vehicle that aids his mobility while interacting with the masses, is customised with special features for his security and to ease the Pontiff's movements while aboard.

    There have been different models of this car modified over time, suited to the Pope's preferences. Among the different makes include: Hyundai, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz M-class, SUZ and a Jeep.

    However, Pope Francis prefers a Jeep mobile which he has used across several nations including United States and Ecuador.

    The distinct features on the Jeep include:

    1. A transparent bulletproof-glass roof on the rear compartment of the vehicle.

    The three-inch glass was incorporated on the locomotive after a failed assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II in 1981. This helps to protect the pontiff and enable him wave to crowds on the streets, a practice he holds on his tours.

    2. Air Filters

    The Jeep has air filters that protect him against biochemical weapons in case of a toxic gas attack. This feature has previously been associated with President of United States official car popularly known as "the Beast".

    3. Run-Flat tyres

    The run-flat tyres is a convenient feature that enables the Popemobile to keep moving in case of a deflation.

    4. Hydraulic lift

    The hydraulic lift raises the Pope's chair up and down allowing him to wave to crowds.

    5. Handrail

    This feature helps in supporting the holy Father as he stands

    6. Weight

    Despite its small size, the Popes vehicle is said to have a weight of approximately five tons due to the various features and armored body. The Jeep also has a 2000 watt Marine Amplifier for music.

    It is yet to be known, whether the Holy Father will use the Jeep or even other details concerning his itinerary. The Vatican embassy however, revealed that the Pope will spend his nights at Apostolic Nunciature in Westlands, Nairobi.

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